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What you need to know
Ask us how you'll close more deals with PrintAnalyze A4

Send an up-to-date, 100% flawless, pre-approved quotation!
Make it signed on the spot
Grow your A4 Sales!

What you need to know
Ask us how to draw attention on your very first visit!

Impress your prospective client revealing the cost of printing!
Discover leads on behalf of other Departments
Get a foot in the door!

General Features 1

Your own way of selling A4 devices in the smartphone - fully customizable
You send the quote by email
You remove unnecessary costly -time and money- back and forth office / client
You'll have more time face to face with other prospective clients
Therefore, more sales!
In the end, more sales which cost less!

General Features 2

Reveal to your prospective client the real cost of printing
Linked to our embedded Knowledge Base - see below
Automatic calculation of a 3 year budget
Present your company and discover leads
Send a customized report by email
And, less than 3 minutes later, comment it!


All the customization is done through a series of WebEx sessions with a consultant
You describe precisely the way you sell A4 devices to our consultant. And we build your own app
You give us product ranges, price-lists, names... in Excel spreadsheets
And your way of doing in the smartphone!

Knowledge Base

Embedded Knowledge Base
Updated on a monthly basis
Over 3,500 printers and MFPs with consumable PartNumbers, yields and prices
Consumable - toner, drum, kit, ink - prices as seen on the market

Follow-up and consolidation in a Web interface

Information is synced in the Cloud in a robust centralized SQL DataBase
Information available for the salesman and the management. 4 level hierarchy
Possible -and recommended- link with an existing CRM
Perfect follow-up and dispatching


Videos and WebEx sessions